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Jaca Entertainment
2f Ilsuk b/d, yeoksamdong, gangnamgu,,seoul,k
Seoul, South Korea

[P] +82
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[E] .yndnhn@yahoo.co.kr,ydh@ninebrothers.com

Peter Yoon
Managing Director
[E] yndnhn@yahoo.co.kr.

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JACA Entertainment, Inc. is a leading creator and developer of online game content and researcher of animation production and technology in Korea. JACA continues to advance creation and development with new technologies and features, designed to provide a seamless experience for clients. Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, JACA has a rich history of innovation and conducts business in Thailand, Japan,Chile, Brazil, China and other countries globally.

Our Goals

JACA is dedicated to produce high-quality animation to create online game content. JACA researches and upgrades its skills to produce fun entertainment products to meet the demands of the market. We hope to establish good working relationships with our international clients, thereby creating a flexible, reliable and open relationship for success. We are creative and proactive and we strive to meet tight time frames with our high-quality production team to ensure cost effectiveness.

A History of Innovation

Founded in 2001, JACA has since become one of the best developers for high-quality online games worldwide. In 2005, it added 2D and 3D animation to its portfolio, thereby bringing the company to greater heights. The company's name was derived from a marriage of the first syllable of the 2 words ¡°JASPER¡± and ¡°CARNELIAN¡± (reference: REVELATION 4:3) meaning very precious and shiny gem. Over the years, JACA has grown into an internationally recognized global organization with offices in Thailand, China, Philippines and Europe. The company has a "follow the sun" capability that not only involves in-country specialization, but also allows for faster turn around quality projects. Currently, several global companies like Tamapro in Japan, Hong-ying in China rely on JACA's good quality and technologies to conduct successful international business.
We are one of Korean game publisher: http://thang-global.com. mayF.Pucca to be publishing soon to service online game to global market

Our Milestones

The second online game created by JACA¡¯s own developed tools is Full 3D MMORPG ¡°Thang¡±. It allows users to chat and communicate with one another in real-time.

In an effort to pass cost savings onto its clients, JACA has developed a highly efficient production handling technology. By doing so JACA has been able to significantly reduce the cost of performing high quality human animations. Cost savings do not affect the time and effort each of our professional animators put into each client. It simply eliminates the costly overheads.

JACA¡¯s Cutting Edge

JACA's technology delivers additional benefits to clients apart from cost savings. By eliminating time consuming work like manual file handling, the turn around time for each project is significantly reduced. In today's fast moving world, where you need to act fast, JACA can offer you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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