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JeTi Films
1204 Lincoln Avenue
Marrero, LA United States

[P] +1 504.341.9075
[F] None Specified
[E] jchollins2@aol.com

Jeff Hollins
Company Owner


We, JeTi FILMS, a louisana based motion picture production company, now have 2D animation creating/editing available. Need animation for your commercial or short film or feature film?.....Pricing is simple:

30 second commercial projects are $1,000
60 second commercial projects are $1,000
Any film projects over 60 seconds $1,000
a minute for the length of the project...For
example if the film is 10 minutes in length,
that's $10,000....If the project is 20 minutes
in length, that's $20,000.....A 90 minute feature film would cost $90,000 to produce.

We are located in Marrero, Louisiana(5 miles from New Orleans)and currently have 2 very successful feature-length live action films in distribution......BANG and THE MURDER MEN. Check out website at jetifilms.com

For sample animation reel on VHS, contact:

King Jeff
email: jchollins2@aol.com

web site: www.jetifilms.com

DAZZLE Digital Video Creator editing software
VIDEO FACTORY editing software

BANG-Live action action/thriller feature film distributed by Phoenix Distributors, Sub Rosa Studios, BCI Eclipse and Urban Entertainment(producers of 'Undercover Brother')
THE MURDER MEN-Live action suspense/thriller/mystery feature film distributed by Sub Rosa Studios, BCI Eclipse
INTERVIEW WITH THE RED SHIRTS-Science fiction mockumentary Distributed by Urban Entertainment

Motion Picture Studio

2D Computer Animation

Feature Films