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5426 Portland Pl. 3rd level
Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada
B3K 1A1

[P] +1 902.404.3936
[F] None Specified
[E] production_services@jesterjester.com

Michaela McIntosh
[E] michaela@jesterjester.com


JesterJester Media is a multifunctional animation studio created to offer a cheaper Eastern Canadian alternative to international private businesses, studios, firms and government institutions. Although we specalize in flash animation, and traditional 2D animation, we offer the services of 3D digital animation, motion design compositing, and the creation of multimedia applications, for the purposes of entertainment, advertisement, public education, and the film/television industry.

None Specified

DeepTrench.com - Animation and web graphics
CBC Television - Animation Production
Omni Film Prod. - Running on a Dream (animation)

Animation Production

2D Computer Animation

Television Series