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   J.K. Benton Design Studio, Inc.
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Profile Last Updated: 02/02/2004  

J.K. Benton Design Studio, Inc.
3170 Middlebury
Bloomfield, MI United States

[P] +1 248.644.5875
[F] +1 248.540.8002
[E] jkbenton@aol.com

Jim Benton
[F] +1 248.644.5408002


Jim Benton specializes in the creation of properties for entertainment projects as well as merchandise. Skills include creation, development, character design, scripts and boarding.

None Specified

Clients include ( contracted work for, projects in development and/or production) Saban, Warner Brothers Television Animation, Noggin, MTV, Disney, FoxKids, Nick Online.

Property development, Animation Production, Graphic Design

2D / Traditional

Animated Web Graphics