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   J.K. Benton Design Studio, Inc.
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Profile Last Updated: 02/02/2004  

J.K. Benton Design Studio, Inc.
3170 Middlebury
Bloomfield, MI United States

[P] +1 248.644.5875
[F] +1 248.540.8002
[E] jkbenton@aol.com

Jim Benton
[F] +1 248.644.5408002

None Specified

Jim Benton specializes in the creation of properties for entertainment projects as well as merchandise. Skills include creation, development, character design, scripts and boarding.

None Specified

Clients include ( contracted work for, projects in development and/or production) Saban, Warner Brothers Television Animation, Noggin, MTV, Disney, FoxKids, Nick Online.

Property development, Animation Production, Graphic Design

2D / Traditional

Animated Web Graphics