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Pune, Maharashtra, India

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Shashikant Singh
[E] sks@baroque.in


Baroque was launched in the year 2009 and has been growing ever since through its different verticals. Art is where Baroque starts, predominantly an Art, Sculpture & Lifestyle manufacturing goods company with an objective to toil with a smaller number of artists with stupendous eminence and respectability. With Baroque, our main focus of activity is the creation & production of Art, Sculpture & Lifestyle products in which we follow a unique ‘Reverse Pipeline’ for unmatched quality and satisfaction for our clients.

We start with the original vision and strive to evident what is preferred and anticipated. Baroque sculpture will be one of a kind creation. It begins with your visualization. The process gets started by having early conversations, giving out ideas and congregation information in sequence, until we have developed a good sense for what you desire to see and create, and you have a good understanding of what we are capable of creating and what kinds of options and opportunities are possible. We begin with the design, which is arrived at by working closely with the client’s basic ideas. Once a design has been worked out and accepted or approved, we then go through the process of working with desired size and depth. We then take the advantages of the 3D technology and create digital models of the desired objects and transport to clay artists who finally make sculptures from a given theme. Every aspect of the project is being carefully attended and handled in the most professional manner possible.

Baroque is the first sculpture production company to initiate the use of CG into its Pipeline and with features like ‘Baroque commercials’, artist can now able to commission their 2D/CG artwork and consider a distinct advantage of making an appearance in our quarterly release of ‘Limited Edition CG Series Sculptures’. Unique and innovative features make baroque a pole apart from other commercial art companies.

Baroque has already moved towards two new verticals ‘Baroque Classroom’ and ‘Baroque Network’ wherein ‘Baroque Classroom’ is an online learning resource to become skilled at Digital and Traditional clay modeling and was launched as a means to contribute to qualified methods with artists and hobbyist who could not attend the practical courses obtainable at different art school and colleges wherein Baroque Network is a social utility and e-commerce marketplace for photographers, visual artists, art galleries, and fine art collectors. Visitors to Baroque Network can choose from interacting with artists, knowledge networking and selling original artwork including sculptures, drawings, CG Art, photography, mixed media and more.

Sooner, Baroque will be moving towards setting up its own gallery ‘Baroque Arcade’ at prime city locations where baroque produced Art, Sculpture & Lifestyle products will be put on sale. Baroque will expend the business by setting up ‘Baroque Arcade’ to all the Metro/ Sub-metro cities in India & abroad either on franchise basis or by setting up its own retail units.

Business Philosophy:

Baroque believes in the philosophy of being remarkable, innovative and unique. Baroque products are not sold to everyone, not even to a lot of people. We have our own niche and serve our customers unique needs in the best possible way we could. Business in the new economy is all about serving. Baroque is here to find its tribe, listen to customers

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