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Profile Last Updated: 02/03/2006  

Becker Studio
27 Brattle St.
Holden, MA United States

[P] +1 508.856.9118
[F] None Specified
[E] mail@csbecker.com

Chris Becker

None Specified

High quality, fast turnaround and high added value is what comes out of the Becker Studio. We deliver the kind of animation, art and designs that will make you stand out. We know how to bring your wants, desires and designs into reality by making appealing and high-quality graphics, short-movies and Flash productions. All of our clients have enjoyed working with us because we do the job quickly and within budget, while maintaining our high standard of excellence. We keep an open dialog with our clients to ensure a high quality and accurate product. Visit our site now and see the kind of work we do and you

3D Studio Max
After Effects

Comet Learning - Multimedia Production and Flash animation
DeAngelo Design - Multimedia Production
McGraw Hill - CD Interface Design and Animation
VPG, Integrated Media - Flash Anims.
JuniorNet, Corp. - Animation/Char. Des.
IBM EduQuest - Game Design/Anim.
Vipah Interactive - Game Design/Anim.
Houghton Mifflin Interactive - Games
Houghton Mifflin Company - Illustration
Andrea Bullard and Company - Flash Site
BrainShift - Flash Animations
J2 Interactive - Flash/Char. Anims.
Confluent Surgical - Websites, Animations, Presentations and Illustrations
Integra Companies - Website

Educational Products, Game Development, Graphic Design, Multimedia / Interactive Development, Web Animation Production, Web Site Development

Flash / Internet Animation

Animated Web Graphics