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   Basis Software, Inc.
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Profile Last Updated: 01/21/2004  

Basis Software, Inc.
1550 McDaniel Drive
West Chester, PA United States

[P] +1 610.701.9790
[F] +1 610.429.9034
[E] info@surphaser.com

Jim Morgenstern
VP Sales & Marketing
[P] +1 866.281.3403


Surphaser is the affordable, protable, high quality 3D scanner system. It produces three-dimensional geometric and color models of surfaces and objects sized from teacups to busses.

Surphaser provides a unique combination of rapid scanning, high resolution, great accuracy, and large work envelope. This laser-based device uses phase-shift ranging to precisely digitize any arbitrary form from machined parts to art objects. It is suitable for a wide variety of tasks including virtual reality projects, 3D movies, documenting art works, non-contact inspection and surface inspection for quality control to name a few of its applications. It can successfully image a wide range of shapes and sizes and can be used at distances ranging from centimeters to meters. Its single line-of-sight design enables Surphaser to scan into holes and cavities and capture all of the detail.

A dense sampling of tens of millions of coordinate points are collected from the object's surface in a few seconds. The software package provided with the instrument can merge multiple partial views into a complete model. Typical complete models can run to 50-100 million points or more with the resulting surface models having 500,000 to millions of vertices. The output from the Surphaser is available as a complete surface reconstruction in many formats compatible with a variety of software packages.

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3D capture for VR, Hardware Vendors

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3D Scanner, Input Devices / Mice / Pointing Devices / Drawing Tablets, Scanners / Digitizers