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Profile Last Updated: 03/19/2003  

Pentafolio Multimedia
1277 Pilon Road
Clarence Creek, Ontario Canada
K0A 1N0

[P] +1 613.488.3920
[F] +1 613.488.3922
[E] manu@pentafolio.com

Jean-Emmanuel Allard
Art director
[P] +1 819.775.0276

None Specified

Pentafolio Inc. is a Canadian multimedia firm specializing in Web design, development and animation. Our mission is to produce socially responsible messages that contribute to the well-being of individuals and communities through the creative application of new communication technologies.
Our vision is that the Web be harnessed to its full potential as a tool to deliver messages of hope and interconnectedness between people around the world. We have developed innovative projects originating from the real life experiences of participants.
We create lively web or broadcast animations. We adapt diverse content to make animated and interactive tools, and we transform video sequences into full screen web animations.
See at: www.pentafolio.com/animationfromlife
In partnership with the National Film Board of Canada we look after a website for web creation and animation: www.screeningzone.com

Fully equiped for 2D traditional and computer animation, for pencil and ink on paper, cut outs and photos, paint on glass and sand, pixilation, live action and rotoscope, broadcast video, flash and internet animation.
Broadcast editing suite.
Production in english and french.


Web Animation Production

Flash / Internet Animation