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Profile Last Updated: 10/27/2005  

Visionary Entertainment
Union Lake
New York/Beijing, China

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Chris Maxon
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V.E.has been a television production company providing cable programming in the city of New York, Observing the recent trend of animation outsourcing to Asia and the rising of the animation industry in China, V.E. has expanded its business to cover animation production consultation and execution services in China. These work usually ranges from short commercials to animated tv series, from video game animation to comic book adaptations, and from 2D traditional to 3D CG animations.

Maya Alias|Wavefront
3D Max
Avid Symphony
Pro Tool

Major Clients:
Artistic License films, NYC
Bergstrom|Lowell, NYC
Center for the Study of World TV, NYC
Warner Bros. Intl. TV, Asia Pacific, Sydney
Sabrina (2D)
Crazy Monk (3D)
Reflections (TV series)

Animation Production

2D / Traditional, 3D Computer Animation

Commercials, Feature Films, Television Series