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   Egg Story Creative Production
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Egg Story Creative Production
Egg Story Center
45 Middle Rd
Singapore, Singapore Singapore

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[E] info@eggstorycp.com

Charles Wang
Game Designer
[E] charles@eggstorycp.com

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Egg Story Creative Production (ESCP) combines Hollywood creative and technical

leadership with a global workforce to produce world-class animation with singular efficiency.

Despite being the ?newest kid on the block? in Asia?s burgeoning CG animation industry,

ESCP founders are seasoned Hollywood veterans with a collective experience unrivaled in Asia.

The founders? credits span from work ?in the trenches? on films from Forest Gump through to

Shrek and Matrix Reloaded. The list goes on and on. ESCP also prides itself on its extensive film and

CG contacts worldwide, and seeks to apply its superior technical excellence and

solid production experience for commercial productions, collaborations and co-productions.

ESCP aims to be the leading digital animation studio in Asia.

It will achieve this aim with an uncompromising standard

for creative and technical talent, drawn from the

best of the international animation workforce.

Alias Maya / PC & Apple
Pixar Renderman / Apple
After Effects
Shake 3.5 / Apple

Singapore Navy / Saatchi & Saatchi
Nokia 7710 / Ogilvy One Worldwide
Discovery Channel Asia

Animation Production, Software Vendors, Visual Effects Production, Web Animation Production

3D Computer Animation, Digital / Visual Effects

Animated Characters, Feature Films, Short Films