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   Zero In Productions
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Profile Last Updated: 02/08/2005  

Zero In Productions
PO Box 35440
Browns Bay
Auckland, New Zealand

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[E] info@zero-in.biz

Andre Owen

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Zero In Productions is also the home of the Hikikomori.tv project which is a web based flash comedy cartoon made in New Zealand.

Follow the adventures of Mr Yaminoto and his non speaking hermit son Hikikomori who spends day and night confined to his bedroom watching tv and playing computer games. Tune in and watch Bad Asian accents, Bad animation and Bad Feng Shui Very Bad.... online at www.hikikomori.tv

www.hikikomori.tv is currently looking to sell episodes of cartoon series to TV channels, Online Media ,Music TV around the world if you are a buyer or interested please contact us a info*hikikomori.tv for more information.

If you need some flash animation to spice up your site or an animated banner let us know, sometimes a funny web cartoon embedded in an email sent out to your clients can get their attention or spread your company name.

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www.hikikomori.tv Cartoon 2003-2005
Zero In Productions has also produced a short animated music video released in 2003 for Krackatoa Trance Fusion label and is freely downloadable online.

Animation Production, Graphic Design, Multimedia / Interactive Development, New Media, Sound / Music Production, Television Studio, Voice Acting / Voice Talent, Web Animation Production, Web Site Development

2D / Traditional, 3D Computer Animation, Flash / Internet Animation

Animated Characters, Animated Web Graphics, Multimedia / New Media, Music Videos, Short Films, Television Series, Webisodes, Websites