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damascus DFZ
free zone block 17A
Damascus, Syria

[P] +963
[F] +963
[E] info@afkarmedia.com

Radwan Kasmiya
[P] +963
[E] kasmiya@afkarmedia.com


Number one videogame developers in ME
3 best sellers titles:
UnderAsh 2002
UnderSiege 2004
Quraish game 2006
3D screens R&D

None Specified


Advertising Agencies, Animation Production, Book Publishers, Consulting Services, Contract Labor / Temp Services, Educational Products, Game Development, Graphic Design, Multimedia / Interactive Development, New Media, Post-Production Services, Pre-Production Services, Recruitment Services, Software Vendors, Sound / Music Production, Television Studio, Visual Effects Production, Voice Acting / Voice Talent

3D Graphics, 3D Modeling, Animation, Authoring, Digital Editing, Games / Entertainment, Multimedia Tools and Applications, Rendering and Modeling, Simulation, Visual Effects Software, VR Software

None Specified