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   Array Futuristix Private Limited
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Profile Last Updated: 12/01/2003  

Array Futuristix Private Limited
City Center, IInd Floor
39, Thirumalai Pillai Road
T. Nagar
Chennai, Tamil Nadu India

[P] +91
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[E] info@arrayfx.com

Ravi Sarma R
[E] ravisarma@arrayfx.com

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Array Creative Arts Division are in the business of design, research and development of Multimedia based Projects for Entertainment Media (Broadcast and film Industry), Scientific Visualizations, Corporate Interactive Demos, Dynamic Web Solutions, Print Media, Computer Based Tutorials, Commercial and Industrial Photo and Videography.

The core team of the company consists of professionals, specializing in the field of Information Technology, Media and Communications & Digital Imaging Technology. The key executives of the company have put more than a decade of service in the field of Pre-Press, DTP, Computer Graphics and Digital Imaging, Web Solutions, Visual Effects and Education in Computer Graphics.

The Puppeteer, with its vast experience in multimedia visual effects is committed to revolutionize Education, Medical, Automotive, and Architecture by blending domain expertise with visual special effects for better experience and reach to the market

THE PUPPETEER is looking forward to render its services in Web, Virtual Reality, Digital Visual Effects and Software training.

CORPORATE, PRODUCT BROCHURE DESIGNING Creative work using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Corel Draw
PRODUCT / CONCEPT VISUALIZATION, DEMOS & MANUALS 3D Modeling using AutoCAD, Pro-E, 3DS Max, Maya etc.,
DIGITAL VIDEO PRODUCTION (PRE & POST) Corporate Video and other types using Adobe Premiere, Avid Xpress and Avid Media Composer
DIGITAL ANNUAL REPORTS & SERVICE MANUAL Annual General Body Meetings using DVD Presentations using LCD, Giant screen
CORPORATE CD Corporate, Product Profile in a novel Visiting Card CD format
INTERACTIVE CORPORATE PRESENTATION Interactive Presentations using Macromedia Director, Flash, HTML etc
DIGITAL COMPUTER BASED TUTORIALS PResentations using Photoshop, 3DS Max, Macromedia Director, Flash etc.
INTERNET AND WEB SOLUTIONS 2D Visuals using Adobe Photoshop, Flash, HTML, DHTML, XML JAVA programming for online solutions
COMPOSITING, BLUE MATTE ETC FOR FILM AND BROADCAST The most widely used technical aspect in which all special shots are done in Films and TV based visuals. Example: Dual roles, Creatures, Strange Phenomena etc., using state of the art software

Array Creative team of experts includes

Story Board Artists
2D Animators including key animators, in-between artists, cleanup artists, Background Artists

3D Animators including Character Modelers, Set Modelers, Character Animator, Effects Animators, Lighting Artists, Camera Artists and Compositors


Our team is headed by Mr. Raghunath, who have over 8 years of experience in Multimedia Industry. Our team in the past have worked for major clients in the areas of Motion Picture, Medical, Cartoon, Manufacturing areas.
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training, Animation Production, Consulting Services, Multimedia / Interactive Development, Performance Animation / Motion Capture Studios, Post-Production Services, Pre-Production Services, Sound / Music Production, Visual Effects Production, Web Entertainment Portal, Web Animation Production, Web Site Development

2D / Traditional, 2D Computer Animation, 3D Computer Animation, Animated Objects, Digital / Visual Effects, Engraving on Film, Flash / Internet Animation, Pencil on Paper, Pixilation, Puppets

Animated Characters, Animated Web Graphics, Commercials, Educational / Industrial Films, Interstitials / Logos / Bumpers, Multimedia / New Media, Rides / Simulators, Title Sequences, Websites