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   IDMT - Institute of Digital Media Technology (Shenzhen), LTD.
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Profile Last Updated: 05/15/2006  

IDMT - Institute of Digital Media Technology (Shenzhen), LTD.
Block B, Yuehaimen Square, 2292-2300 Nanyou Avenue
ShenZhen, China

[P] +86 755.
[F] +86 755.
[E] info@idmt.com.cn

Ling Xu
General Manager
[P] +86 755.
[E] ling@idmt.com.cn

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IDMT is China based, wholy owned subsidiary of Global Digital Creations (GDC) Holdings company. It is the largest 3D CG animation studio in China with over 250 artists. Since inception in 2000, it has made many milestones in China animation history such as creating and producing the first 3D full-feature length animation movie "Thru the Moebius Strip." With its strong 3D animation crew and experienced international management team, IDMT is well-regarded as the No.1 3D animation production and creation company in China.

The company develops its own intellectual properties as well as provides animation and game production services to other studios.

State-of-the-art CG creation SW & HW
Maya, 3DsMAX, Z-brush, etc.
Largest 3D rendering farm with the sponsorship from Shenzhen municipal government
3-story modern building hosting up to 400 staff.

Created and produced a full-feature lengh 3D animation movie named "Thru the Moebius Strip." Nominated for 2005 Golden Eagle animated film award.
Co-producing 26-episode HD TV series with a leading US studio.
Providing animation services to several US studios on direct-to-home DVDs and TV series. All of the properties are aired on major US TV networks.
"Peach blossom Garden" received Handsome Monkey Animation Award 2006 in Best Short Film category
"Home" received Handsome Monkey Animation Award 2006 in Best Education and Commercial Film category

Animation Production, Game Development, Visual Effects Production

3D Computer Animation

Feature Films, Games, Short Films, Television Series, Title Sequences