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   Stanley Computer Animation Research Unit
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Profile Last Updated: 09/20/2004  

Stanley Computer Animation Research Unit
10/Fl., Teihe Commercial Centre
8 Zhongshan Road West
Guangzhou, Canton China

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[E] jeannie@sca-3d.com

Jeannie Au

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We are major in Virtual Reality. Now we are creating the Virtual Reality Museum for Zhongshan University in China. This is the first Museum in China that create by Virtual Reality technic with 3D. We are using for City Stimulation and video games development.
We are the Company that working for 3D animation in any kinds of products such as cartoon film, commercial, architectural animation and product design.
Our group of employers are come from international and local producers, directors, designers, animators and editors- all with extensive experience and impressive creddentials.
the result is seamleely assembled and delivered at amazing speed, startingly low-cost, on-budged, on time and at the prouction values that rival the best output in CG today.
All our equipment are highly quality for the TV and film production standard

3 sets non-linear editing machine
1 set blue screen shooting firm
2 recording rooms
Over 10 sets professional video cameras
1 studio room with up and dowm performance platform.

Zhongshan University in China
Pearl River Film Co Limited
South China Normal University
Canton Scientific Research Centre
Society Scientific Centre
Paintsky Digital Production Ltd
Ming Yuen advertisement Ltd

Virtual Reality, Animation Production, Multimedia / Interactive Development, Visual Effects Production

3D Computer Animation, Animated Objects, Digital / Visual Effects

Animated Characters, Commercials, Games