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   Beijing Normal University
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Beijing Normal University
Beijing Normal University
Beijing, China

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Yongliang Xiao
Vice Dean

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Beijing Normal University was the earliest estabished teacher-training university in China, which grew out of the Faculty of Education of the Metropolitan University founded in 1902. She was named as Beijing Normal University in 1923.
In the last one hundred years, the faculty and students of the Beijing Normal University, motivated by a strong sense of responsibility for the nation and the people, have strived to live up to the motto of "studying to teach and acting to example" and cultivated a fine tradition of patriotism, progress, honesty, innovation, truth-seeking and being a paragon in virtue and learning. After one whole century's development, BNU has become an important education and research base for multi-disciplines and advanced scientific studies. It cultivated nearly 200,000 talents for China, including many excellent teachers.
BNU was among the first group to be designated as a member university of the "Project 2ll " and became a member university of

University System: Semester
Faculty and Staff: 3180
Full-time Faculty Members: 1300 (Professor: 300, Associate Professor: 600, Lecturer: 400)
Academician: 8
Academician of Engineering: 1
Doctoral Candidate Supervisors: 247
Doctoral Candidates: 927
Graduate Students: 2661
Undergraduate Students: 6483
Adult Students: 10000
International Students: 814

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