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Bubble Lab
245 East 11th St. #4A
New York, NY United States

[P] +1 626.688.1297
[F] None Specified
[E] info@bubblelab.tv

Jenn Tran
Creative Director
[P] +1.212.3801685
[E] jenn@bubblelab.tv

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Welcome to Bubble Lab! It’s a lab, and in a lab people do experiments. Do we experiment? Indeed we do! Experimental animation and combining graphic design with fine arts, and mixing potions from various ingredients of cultural history are regular practice here.

Jenn Tran, the founder and creative director of Bubble Lab mastered the art of designing film title sequences from her years of working one on one with the legendary Pablo Ferro. Needless to say, Bubble Lab’s work in film title sequence design is formidable. Intimidating, even.

Our chief weapons are (i.e. we design):
Film title sequence design
TV commercials
Music videos
Concert graphics
Branding/advertising campaigns

Bubble Lab may be a place for mad scientists, but there’s a fine line between madness and genius and we’re on both sides of it. You’ll love us.

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"Men In Black II" film title sequence
"The Aviator" film title sequence
"The Door In The Floor" film title sequence
"The Truth About Charlie" film title sequence
"Iowa" film title sequence
MTV commercial spots
Elle graphics packages
American Idol opening titles

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