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   Black Point Studios
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Black Point Studios
443 Tehama St.
San Francisco, CA United States

[P] +1 415.205.2377
[F] +1 415.947.0976
[E] stan@blackpointstudios.com

Stan Miskiewicz

None Specified

Black Point Studios is a full CG production facility available for outsourcing and is in the business to deliver absolutely stunning work at a very competitive price.
We can cut character modeling, level building, animation- we also have the availability of using motion capture, cinematics, advertising spots, hence we cover pretty much any animation and/or art need that you would have for a project.

3D package = Maya, Mental Ray.
Composting = Shake, Commotion, After fx
Motion Tracking = Real Viz;
Work stations:
26 - Dual 3.06 Xeon workstations with 512mb graphics cards, 2gig of ram;
Render Farm:
30 - 1R (Rack mounted) (dedicated) render servers, expandable to a total of 120 processors;
Server:A two-terabyte Dual 3.06 Xeon proc server;
Network: Cad 6 dual channel gigabyte.

Many new flagship games coming out this year.
EA Redwood
EA Tiburon
High Moon
Area 51
Lazy Town
The list goes on.

Advertising Agencies, Animation Production, Cable / Television Networks, Game Development, Post-Production Services, Visual Effects Production, Web Animation Production

2D / Traditional, 2D Computer Animation, 3D Computer Animation

Animated Characters, Animated Web Graphics, Commercials, Educational / Industrial Films, Games, Music Videos, Rides / Simulators, Short Films, Television Series, Television Specials