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   Lush Tones Composers Group
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Lush Tones Composers Group
Huntsville, Ontario Canada

[P] +1 705.788.7487
[F] None Specified
[E] aidb ((AT)) karlmohr.com

Karl Mohr
Film Composer

None Specified

Lush Tones Composers Group provides music composition and post services for film, video, animation, all form of multimedia. We work affordably and against tight deadlines. We work via internet internationally. Get better music faster - ditch the stock - get Lush Tones.

Full recording studio
Capacity for full orchestras
MIDI / live instruments
Scoring and arrangements
Sound Design and Editing
Foley, Dialogue, Voiceover, Narration
Music Editing, Conforms
Synchronizations of all kinds.

Ace Insurance
A1 Telecommunications Austria
Broken Social Scene
Caritas Austria
Daniel Und Partner
Gulet Travel
Hawksley Workman
IMAX Documentaries (many)
KPNQwest Austria
LUTZ Austria
Niederoesterreich Preis
Quaker State Oil
Sony Austria
Sparda bank
Taxi Light
Telering Austria
Wild Thing Productions, Vienna
Worx New Media Life

Multimedia / Interactive Development, Sound / Music Production, Voice Acting / Voice Talent

None Specified

adult entertainment, Animated Web Graphics, Commercials, Educational / Industrial Films, Feature Films, Games, Interstitials / Logos / Bumpers, Multimedia / New Media, Rides / Simulators, Short Films, Television Series, Television Specials, Title Sequences, Webisodes, Websites