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   Vision Scape Interactive, Inc.
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Profile Last Updated: 05/04/2006  

Vision Scape Interactive, Inc.
16625 Dove Canyon Rd.
Suite 102-506
San Diego, CA United States

[P] +1 858.204.9220
[F] +1 858.673.7202
[E] tammy@vision-scape.com

Tammy McDonald


Vision Scape Interactive, Inc. is a leading 3D Animation and Interactive Game Development studio. Established in 1997, the studio has a long standing history of providing top 3D Animation to clients world-wide. VSI specialize in long-format 3D animation for games, film, tv, direct to video and the internet. Over the years, VSI has proven to be an asset in working between publishers, ad agencies, developers and licensees in sharing content and creative support in order to cost effectively launch product.

With corporate facilities located in San Diego, CA and animation production located in Mumbai, India, we are a proven high-quality, cost-effective solution for studios and clients alike.

Corporate Studios: San Diego, CA
Production: Mumbai, India

Vision Scape Interactive, Inc.
3D Animation and Game Development Credits -2006

Animation Production, Game Development

3D Computer Animation, Animated Objects, Clay, Digital / Visual Effects

Animated Characters, Commercials, Feature Films, Games, Music Videos, Television Series, Television Specials, Title Sequences, Webisodes