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Profile Last Updated: 02/10/2005  

37 A Cross, 28th Main
9th Block
Bangalore, Karnataka India

[P] +91
[F] None Specified
[E] info@vfxring.com

Chaand Ethiraj
VFX Producer
[P] +91
[E] chaandru@vfxring.com

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Vfxring is a company dedicated to bringing you the very best in animation and special effects.

Our team of highly qualified professionals combines the latest technologies with unmatched creativity in a state of the art studio. At Vfxring, a team of experts dedicates their experience and proficiency to give you what you need and when you need it.

Moreover experts who have specialized in the field of visual effects lead the management at Vfx ring. Our mission is to deliver art that is strongly incorporated with scientific approaches, by taking into account the laws of physics, nature biology or even the results of chemical reactions etc.

In an ever-changing world there are many new needs being created everyday. So, to meet the changing needs of the film industry, we emphasize and divert a lot of our attention and funds to research and development. With new innovations and creative ideas to enhance productivity and eliminate unnecessary expenses

Visual Effects
3D/2D Animations
Roto Splining

None Specified

Visual Effects Production

Digital / Visual Effects

Feature Films