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   Vision Quest Entertainment, Inc.
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Profile Last Updated: 12/01/2003  

Vision Quest Entertainment, Inc.
2415 Lakeshore Ct.
Lebanon, IN United States

[P] +1 765.482.2857
[F] +1 765.482.2857
[E] tomadams@in-motion.net

Thomas Adams

None Specified

VQE, Inc. is an animated production start-up with plans of marketing a G-rated cartoon based around 3rd graders. The cartoon is aimed at children but is one which adults will also enjoy watching.

Nine creative employees!
Three Animators!
Two Artists!
One writer!
Four in Voice Talent! The writer also does voice work

Cartoon is in the beginning stages...modeling characters and backgrounds, storyboarding, etc. The voice track is complete however.

Animation Production

3D Computer Animation

Television Series