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   Virtual Partners Training Center
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Profile Last Updated: 01/21/2005  

Virtual Partners Training Center
1920 Libal St.
Suite 10A
Green Bay, WI United States

[P] +1 800.701.7936
[F] +1 920.435.7395
[E] murph@virtualpartners.com

James M Murphy

None Specified

CORPORATE PROFILE Based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, U.S.A., James Murphy Consulting has been involved in the electronics industry since 1967 and computing since 1984. We have always been involved in and have a continued history of bringing emerging technologies to successful implementation. Starting in 1988 James Murphy partnered a successful AutoCAD


Multimedia/Desktop & Digital Video/Broadcast Applications:
Animated programming Business presentations Cable television programming Documentation Employee orientation Closed-circuit programming Financial/investor presentations Industrial video programs In-house communications Interactive multimedia Interactive training and education News graphics Product demonstrations Production storyboards Promotional videos Sales presentations Speaker support materials Training videos Video annual reports Video conferencing Video memos Video messaging system Video News Releases Video newsletters Video publishing Broadcast advertising Broadcast production Commercial productions News magazine shows Architectural presentation

Advertising Agencies, Animation Production, Animation Products / Supplies, Chats and Forums, Consulting Services, Educational Products, Film / Trade Commissions, Game Development, Graphic Design, Multimedia / Interactive Development, Performance Animation / Motion Capture Studios, Post-Production Services, Pre-Production Services, Reseller / VAR / VAD, Schools / Educational Institutions, Software Vendors, Specialty Stores / Resellers, Visual Effects Production, Web Animation Production

3D Computer Animation, Animated Objects, Digital / Visual Effects, Flash / Internet Animation, Live Action, Motion Capture, Photos, Rotoscope

discreet products, Animated Characters, Animated Web Graphics, Commercials, Multimedia / New Media