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Profile Last Updated: 09/29/2003  

VirtualMagic Animation
4640 Lankershim Boulevard
Suite 201
North Hollywood, CA United States

[P] +1 818.623.1866
[F] +1 818.623.1868
[E] info@virtualmagicusa.com

Don Spielvogel
[E] don@virtualmagicusa.com


The only digital ink, paint, and compositing service company supporting the industry. Ten years of experience helping animation clients with commercials, feature films, promos, titles, and television. We created USAnimation in 1992 and went on to do over 1000 projects in the industry.

50 seats of USAnimation
Digital Fusion
SoftImage Toonz
6 Edit bays for Digital Compositing

PowerPuff Girls Movie/Cartoon Network
Harvey Birdman TV Series/Cartoon Network
Joseph, King of Dreams Movie
1000 other projects for every major US studio

Animation Production, Multimedia / Interactive Development, Visual Effects Production

2D Computer Animation, 3D Computer Animation, Digital / Visual Effects

All project types, Commercials, Feature Films, Games, Multimedia / New Media, Music Videos, Short Films, Television Series, Television Specials, Title Sequences