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   Electrimage Inc.
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Profile Last Updated: 09/15/2005  

Electrimage Inc.
1765 Scott Blvd.
Ste 210
Santa Clara, CA United States

[P] None Specified
[F] None Specified
[E] info@electrimage.com

Rajiv Anand
[P] +1 408.203.0671
[F] +1 408.203.0671
[E] rajiv.anand@electrimage.com


electrimage was founded in 2004 by highly creative partners with the mission to become a high quality production house for animated works. Our first pilot for a television series is due by October 2005.
We are using our cross geography operation to keep the costs low and deliver highest quality.

Creative team - Santa Clara, CA
Post production studio - Santa Clara, CA
Animation Studio - India
Sound Studio - India

None Specified

Animation Production

3D Computer Animation

Television Series