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Profile Last Updated: 04/28/2005  

Pune, Maharashrta India

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sathya prakash
Tech. Head
[E] sathya@elysiumworks.com


Elysium Works is a team of dedicated 3D professionals with a common goal of achieving excellence in the feild of 3D graphics and animation.

At Elysium , we concieve ideas and move pixels meeting highest standards, providing support and solutions to Corporates, Television / Film, Print etc.

Team Elysium understands the use of technology along with the clear knowledge of photography, lights and years of experience with modeling / TV / Film work allows the team to display artistic / aesthetic talent giving artwork a definite presence.

The team explores new horizons and possibilites to keep abreast with latest advancement in technologies and procedures which increases the confidence in trouble shooting.

We utilise our expertise in high / low resolution 3d modelling, character animation, architectural walkthroughs / fly-by's, photorealistic texturing, interactive presentation for web / CD ROMs and desktop publishing with a clear understanding of client specific requirements.

We strongly excercise our belief in exceeding specified deadlines of quality and time on a everyday basis.

Elysium Works, professional providers in the field of

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Animation Production, Business Agencies, Cable / Television Networks, Graphic Design

3D Computer Animation, Photos

Animated Characters, Educational / Industrial Films, Multimedia / New Media, Short Films, Title Sequences