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EarWorm Media
P.O. Box 165
Milford, NJ United States

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[E] drshroud@yahoo.com

Robert Feldman
[P] 908.528.1377


EarWorm Media is a newly formed company by Robert Feldman, creator/animator of horror cartoon properties Dr. Shroud and The Hyrde. Earworm's produces animated content for mobile, web and tv with a primary focus on the emerging mobile world.

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Dr. Shroud animated series, one of the first animated series distributed on the web and mobile devices (Verizon VCast, o2, etc.)
The Hyrde animated mobile series
Web design

Animation Production, Graphic Design, Multimedia / Interactive Development, Web Animation Production, Web Site Development

Ink on Paper, Flash / Internet Animation

mobile, Animated Characters, Animated Web Graphics, Interstitials / Logos / Bumpers, Multimedia / New Media, Short Films, Webisodes, Websites