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   Aarkid Virtual Product Tours
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Profile Last Updated: 03/09/2006  

Aarkid Virtual Product Tours
8 Whittingham Gardens
1103 Great Western rd
Glasgow, Glasgow United Kingdom
G12 0AA

[P] +0044
[F] None Specified
[E] enquire@aarkid.com

Damian Tremlett
Project Design
[P] +0044
[E] damian@aarkid.com

None Specified

3D Product Marketing Services
Production of Web-Ready 3D Virtual Tours
from sketches, photos, or CAD files.

3D Tours allow your users to Rotate, Interact, and even Customise your product model online.

Professional service
Friendly Team

Shell oil (3d video)
Haynes Insurance (animated characters)
Shokk youth fitness (3d graphics)
Electromedia (computer animation)
Astra Zeneca (3d human anatomy)
AboveBoard MFG (Virtual Tour 3d.)
S.F.S (Virtual Tour 3d.)
Cosgrove Hall Films (3d models)
AllRound Ltd (3d animation)
Stimulo Design (3d Virtual Tour)
Cubis Architecture (3d Virtual Tour)
The Arch Architecture (3d Virtual Tour)
Whardell and Whardell (3d Virtual Tour)
Hornby Model Railways (3d models)
Bike Breaks (web graphics)
Jester Interactive (3d models)
Brain in a Jar (3d animations)
Visual Science (3d game models)
Instore Group (3d Virtual Tour)
Ansoft Inc (3d anatomy Virtual Tour)
MeshCity.com (3d Virtual Tour)

Multimedia / Interactive Development

3D Computer Animation, Flash / Internet Animation

web3d, Multimedia / New Media