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   A&G Soluzioni Digitali
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A&G Soluzioni Digitali
Via Marradi, 4
Palazzo S. Elisabetta
Livorno, Italy

[P] +39 0586.21.15.26
[F] +39 0586.88.74.53
[E] info@aegweb.it

Luigi Agostini
[P] +39 0586.81.43.36
[F] +39 0586.26.80.37
[E] l.agostini@aegweb.it

None Specified

Multichannel 3D audio hardware and software manufacturer. Products: X-Spat boX, See'n'Sound software for Autodesk/Alias Maya 8, TheBat 3D Controller, Integrated Modular and Expandable Audio Spatialisation sYstem (IMEASY).

A&G's history

1995. Luigi Agostini and Augusto Gentili start up the company. Business
starts as Digidesign Dealer. Michela Quilici joins A&G as Accountant. A&G
acquire OSC, Gallery Software, INA GRM and Synchro Arts Italian Distribution.
1996. A&G becomes the Apogee Electronics' Italian Exclusive Distributor.
A&G leaves retail commerce.
1997. Andrea Valassina, in charge as Manager, leaves Digidesign Italy and
joins A&G as Product Manager.
1998. A&G starts Development business joining Rigel Engineering, IRIS,
Pisa University and Florence University in the European Community project
called E.A.S.Y.
1999. A&G becomes Authorized RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana supplier.
2000. A&G presents the first prototype of IMEASY(TM) at 109th AES Convention
in Los Angeles.
2001. A&G starts to develop TheBat 3D Controller.
2002. A&G starts to distribute IMEASY(TM) and TheBat worldwide. The first
IMEASY(TM) installation takes place at Engine27 New York, U.S. (http://
2003. A&G starts to develop the Spatialisation-X-Series Card for Apogee
Electronics Converters and See'n'sound, a software plug-in for Alias
Maya, becoming Alias Conductor.
2005. X-spat boX is a stand alone external digital effects unit for multichannel audio production.
2007. A&G starts development of a new X-spat boX modular system with new effects and up to 128 speakers support.
See'n'Sound http://seensound.aegweb.com/
Alias Maya plug-in for XYZ coordinates conversion into MIDI messages in
Translate, rotate and scale acquisition.
120 control change messages available for free configuration.
Server and client applications included for networking operations on LAN.
Up to eight animation paths in real time.
FBX import/export.
Two separated streams of MIDI Control change messages.
Propellerheads Rewire2 compatible.
The X-spat boX that provides local DSP power for Spatialisation(TM) or surround
The board houses a DSP engine offering more than 1 peak GFLOPs for
sophisticated Spatialisation algorithms, all executed in high-precision
floating-point for maximum audio quality.
Firewire400 ports.
MIDI port.
The card is capable of processing up to 8 input channels, at a sample
rate selectable between 44.1, 48 and 96 kHz, with a word width of 24-
bits; a maximum of 8 outputs are handled. Advanced spazialisation
algorithms are applied to the inputs in order to provide an immersive,
realistic sound experience when reproduced through a multichannel
loudspeaker system.
Amplitude and delays are dynamically adjusted for each output, taking
into account the spatial position of the loudspeaker. Algorithms are
optimized for surround mode arrangement of speakers too.
202 MIDI parameters for real time control. Among the others: LPF Cutoff,
HPF Cutoff, ITD and Doppler Depth, Front-Rear Spectral Enhance, Bell
factor and more.
X-Spat Controller Software included. Logic Pro Environment, Sonar 3
Studioware, Steinberg Nuendo e Cubase SX configuration files included.
Directly compatible with Apple Mac OS X built-in FireWire Core Audio
driver. Windows XP WDM/ASIO driver included.
Free Development kit available upon request.

TheBat 3D Controller
USB HID interface for Apple Mac OS X/OS9.x or Windows 2000/XP.
Sampling Frequency 20 ms.
Propellerheads Rewire2 compatible
Free software collection for XYZ coordinates conversion into MIDI
messages or MIDI levels for Surround panning, compatible with Rewire2
Application and Cycling 74 Max.
Directly compatible with all the IMEASY(TM) systems.

None Specified

SkySound Studios
University of Leeds
University of Pisa
Scuola Nazionale di CInema Roma

Hardware Vendors, Sound / Music Production

Live Action, Motion Capture

Feature Films, Multimedia / New Media, Music Videos, Rides / Simulators, Short Films, Television Series