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   Abyss Lights Studio
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Abyss Lights Studio
ul. A.Ahmatovoy 31, app.65
ul. Grigorenko 26A, app. 206
Kiev, Ukraine

[P] +380
[F] None Specified
[E] business@abyss-lights.com

Eugene Zhukov
President and CEO
[P] +380
[E] djeka@abyss-lights.com

None Specified

Abyss Lights Studio (http://www.abyss-lights.com) is an independent video games and 3D graphics production Studio. Founded in January 2002 in Kiev (Ukraine) by the group of professionals, company managed to get together the best specialists in Ukraine to provide high-quality services for very moderate prices (which are sure less than in Europe and United States due to the place of our location). Our employees, ALL of them, have 5 to 10 years experience in video games, television and feature film production areas. Building the business success on our talents, we are concentrating on the two main production interests: working as sub-contractors for the outsource projects and developing in-house projects (games and movies).

PC workstations (P-IV, AMD)
Render Farm based on PC
Pinnacle Video Capture system
Cannon Power Shot G3 (digital cam)
Sound studio gear
*All necessary software

DC Comics
SONY Entertainment
J.Walter Thompson
Rinorama (Polkadot)

Game Development

3D Computer Animation