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   AEPA (Spanish Association of Animation Producers)
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Profile Last Updated: 11/21/2003  

AEPA (Spanish Association of Animation Producers)
C/ Sebastian Gomez 5, 3
Madrid, Spain

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[E] aepa@mi.madritel.es

Aroa Vilaplana

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The Spanish Animation Producers Association was created on the 14th november 1997 in Valencia (Spain) and has the aim of protecting, developing and promotion the Spanish animation industry nationally and internationally. The Association has been integrated within the FAPAE (which a federation gathering most to the Spanish and TV producers).

The Board:
Mr.Enrique Uviedo (Motion Pictures)-President

Mr. Manuel Crist

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The Corporate Members:
Animagic Studio
Angelus S.L.
Dygra Films
Elemental Films
Ibisa TV S.L.
Irusoin S.A.
Lion Toons
Lotura Films

Art Galleries, Associations / Societies, Auction Houses, Book Publishers, Business Agencies

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