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NamePhone Number

19 Entertainment Limited+44
2DTV ltd.+44
3 Mills Studios+44
3D Jamie+44
3D Production+44 0208.
3DD Entertainment, Ltd.+44
3Dvahid+44 7743.00.05.64
422 Studios+44
5A Studios Ltd+44
A Big Picture+44 7973.51.38.36
A1 VOX Ltd.+44
AAA Consultants Ltd.+
Abbey Road Studios+44
Absolutely Productions, Ltd.+44
AFM Lighting+44
Air Productions Limited+44
Animated People Recruitment+44
Animation People, Ltd. (The)+44
Animation Post UK+44
animationAteam.comNone Specified
Anthropics Technology, Ltd.+44
Applied Arts+44
Arena Digital+44
Asylum Models & Effects, Ltd.+44
Atomic Arts+44
Attack Animation+
Banana Park+44
Barclays Bank, PLC+44
BBC Commercial Agency+44
BBC TV Centre+44
BBC Worldwide Ltd.+44
Berwin (S.J.) & Company+44
Bird Studios+44
BKN International Plc+44
Blinkin LabNone Specified
Bloomsbury Publishing+44 (0)
Blue Dolphin Films+44
Blue Sunflower Animation+44
Blue-Toe Productions+44 (0)
BMG Production Music+44
Breakthru Films+44
Bridge Facilities, Ltd. (The)+44
British Animation Awards (BAA)+44
British Film Institute (BFI) (The)+44
Brothers Quay+44
Bubble & Squeak+44
Buena Vista International Television+44
Bunch LondonNone Specified
Cake Entertainment+44
Calypso Voices, Ltd.+44
Candy Lab+44
Carlin Production Music+44
Carlton International Media Ltd+44
Cartoon Network Europe+44
Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Toonami+44
Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design+44
Chameleon Moments+44 0208.
Change-Job+44 2070.
Channel Four Television+44
Chatsworth Television Distributors+44
Chorion ltd+44
Chris Nunwick+44 07909.89.15.22
Christie's London+
Christopher Kent Voice-Overs+44
Chrysalis Group PLC+44
Cinesite, Inc.+44
Cinram UK, Ltd.+44
Clipstream Online Video Management+44
Clive ShawNone Specified
Collingwood O'Hare Entertainment Ltd.+44
Colony+44 (0)
Colour Film Services, Ltd.+44
Colstar International Television Ltd+44
Contemporary Films+44
Contender Entertainment Group+44
Copyright Promotions Licensing Group Limited+44
Corporate Creative Licensing+44
Cowling & Wilcox, Ltd.+44
Creative Film Productions+44
Creative Review+44
Crush CGI Ltd.+
Curious Software Company, Ltd.+44
Datascope Recruitment+44 (0)
DDH Film and TV Lighting+44
De Lane Lea+44
De Wolfe, Limited+44
Deloitte and Touche+44
DHA Lighting Limited+44
Direct Lighting Rental, Ltd.+44 700.
Director KobayashiNone Specified
Disney Channel UK+44
Dope Sheet Entertainment+
Dopesheet Media+44 797.
Dorling Kindersley, Ltd.+44
Double Negative+44
Double Take+44
Dragonbee Ltd.+44 7852.99.63.37
Duthy Hall Studios+44
E. Schuch Design/ Immortal Longings Art+44 777.
Enrico LambiaseNone Specified
Entertainment Rights, PLC+44
Escape Studios+44
Espresso Animation++44
EVA Entertainment+44
Excellent Voice Company, Ltd. (The)+44
Extreme Music Library+44
Falcon Recruitment Europe LimitedNone Specified
Film and Video Umbrella+44
Film Finances, Ltd.+44
Film Four International+44
Film Sales Ltd.+44
Film Treatment Centre (The)+44
FilmFxZone+44 0207.
Fireside Favourites+44
Flipbook Market+
Flush Draw+44 07939.09.01.53
Fox Animation+44
Fox Kids Europe+44
Framestore CFC+44
Fremantle Corporation, Ltd. (The)+44
Fremantle International Distribution+44
Fuji Photo Film (UK), Ltd.+44
fx2nv Ltd++44
Garage Works+44
Gary Martin Voices+44
Gemini Audio+44
Glasshead Ltd.+0208.
Glowfrog Studios+44
Granada International+44
Grand Slamm Cartoon Films+44
Grey Worldwide+44
Gung-Ho! Music Library, Ltd.+44
Happy Tuesdays, LTDNone Specified
Hat Trick Productions Ltd44.(0)20.7434.2451
Hibbert Ralph Animation+44
HIT Entertainment+44

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