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   Fly Fox
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Profile Last Updated: 09/25/2007  

Fly Fox
Mamontovka, Slavianskay Str., 11-a
Pooshkino, Moscow Russian Federation

[P] +7 496.
[F] +7 496.
[E] info@1ff.ru

Roman Skliarenko
[P] ++8 926.
[E] post@1ff.ru

None Specified

Fly Fox is 2D computer animation production. Our company specializes in low budget 2D TV shows, technical animation (captioning data, title sequences) and background creation.

Our customers are TV networks, advertising agencies and educational / industrial films makers. Fly Fox specializes in low price segment of animation industry.
Fly Fox supplies final products

Adult Swim

Animation Production

2D Computer Animation

Educational / Industrial Films, Television Series, Title Sequences