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   Melnitsa Animation
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Melnitsa Animation
Melnichnaya Ulitsa #4
St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

[P] +7 812.
[F] +7 812.
[E] michaelmennies@melnitsa.com

Michael Mennies
International Relations and Sales

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Melnitsa Animation is a full service animation and sound studio. Our services include: Storyboards, Character Design, Background Design and Production, 2-D Animation, 3-D Animation, Line Tests, Clean-Up, Ink and Paint, Compositing, Editing, Titles, Sound Recording, Sound Design and Editing, Surround Sound Mixing, Russian Language Dubbing and Music Composition

Located on the former premises of the St. Petersburg Scientific Film Studios, Melnitsa Animation has quickly grown into St. Petersburg's premier producer of high quality animation.

In 1992, Alexander Boyarsky and Valentin Vasenkov founded Midi-Cinema, a small studio for sound recording and animation. Early projects included animated advertisements, the ANNECY'98 Grand Prix winning animated short "Die Hard" directed by Konstantin Bronzit and "Global Bears Rescue" and "Technology" for the BBC.

In 1999, Midi-Cinema and CTB, Russian producers of more than 40 feature and short films, formed Melnitsa Animation and produced a four-part animated series of "Adventures in the Emerald City" for Russia's NTV.

In 2000, Melnitsa began production on its first full-length animated feature "Little Longnose", based on the classic fairy tales of Wilhelm Hauff. The film, which premiered on March 20, 2003, is a milestone in Russian animation production, being the first theatrically released animated feature produced in Russia in nearly 40 years. The screenplay, storyboards, layout, 2-D and 3-D animation, ink and paint, compositing, editing, sound recording, sound editing, music composition, and titles for "Little Longnose" were produced entirely in-house at Melnitsa Animation.

In 2001, Melnitsa produced "Good Morning" by Denis Chernov, its first 3-D animation project.

In 2002, beside completing "Little Longnose", Melnitsa produced two productions by world-renowned animator Konstantin Bronzit, an animated version of the children's poem "There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly" for Scholastic Entertainment and the animated 3-D short "The God".

2003 marks the beginning of Melnitsa Animation's second animated feature film, a comedy based on the life of the Russian folk hero, the warrior trickster Alyosha Popovich. The film is will be completed by the fall of 2004.

In order to fill the void in formal animation training in Russia, Melnitsa established its own animation training program in 1999. Every year Melnitsa invites some of St. Petersburg's best young artists to learn the craft of animation and join Melnitsa's animation team. The results of the training program have been extremely successful with the studio now employing more than 120 people.

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Animation Production, Game Development, Post-Production Services

2D / Traditional, 2D Computer Animation, 3D Computer Animation, Pencil on Paper

Commercials, Feature Films, Games, Short Films