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   FarField Technology
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Profile Last Updated: 07/06/2004  

FarField Technology
P.O. Box 3894
Christchurch, New Zealand

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[E] email@farfieldtechnology.com

Mark Nixon
[E] m.nixon@farfieldtechnology.com

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FarField Technologoly provides SilverService(TM) - a meshing bureau service for users of 3D laser scanner data, or anyone requiring mesh repair, data smoothing, and guaranteed hole-free models.

Using mathematical techniques developed over the last five years by ARANZ, the FastRBF(TM) engine models the scanned data points, from which a mesh of any particular resolution can be output. SilverServiceTM combines this with the expertise at FarField Technology, enabling the user to get the end result that they require, without having to spend money and time on software and staff training.

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Software Vendors, Visual Effects Production

3D Computer Animation

3D mesh repair