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   NUMU Productions
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Profile Last Updated: 12/15/2008  

NUMU Productions
48 Rukutai Street
Auckland, New Zealand

[P] +64
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[E] info@numuproductions.com

Hossein Najafi
Creative Director
[E] hossein@numuproductions.com

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NUMU Productions is a full service film and animation production company headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand. Drawing upon the expertise of a diverse composition of distinguished film makers, market researchers, artists, designers, caricaturists, scriptwriters, and experienced directors, NUMU is increasingly recognized as an innovative and dynamic firm that delivers high-quality services at reasonable prices.

Well-known for the quality of its services and capability of handling international remote productions, NUMU has been a pioneer in producing a wide array of short films, television series, TVC's and animated feature length motion pictures. In the past, our clients have come to us whenever they needed assistance in producing high quality animation and visual effects. They have also come to us whenever they needed to enhance their productions through out-sourcing. Through its cutting-edge techniques and tailor-made approaches, NUMU has earned the respect of various local and regional clients and has become a leading producer of high quality animation and visual effects.

About the Name: NUMU consists of 2 phrases: Nu and Mu
Nu: new
Mu: is the name of a lost continent, which is thought to have been once located in the South Pacific Ocean.

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