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12D Pinchas Rozen
Tel Aviv, Israel Israel

[P] +972
[F] +972
[E] info@aniboom.com

Yonny Zaffrani
Production Manager
[E] productions@aniboom.com

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What is Aniboom?

Aniboom is an animation production studio. Itís that simple.

OK, itís that simple with a twist. Aniboom is an online production studio that makes animation by reaching out to our database of over 9,000 creators who are located around the globe. Aniboomís massive workforce allows it to find multiple perfect creators for any job. Interested in double redundancy? Done. Triple? Aniboom can do that too. Even quadruple. Due to the amount of qualified creators we can draw from, and the level of quality talent within, Aniboom is more flexible and scalable than a traditional studio. Our online production platform allows us to review work in near real-time. And, our more efficient cost structure allows production at better rates than traditional brick-and-mortar studios.

Founded in 2006 by television industry veterans Uri Shinar and Avraham Pirchi. Aniboomís management team includes entertainment veterans with extensive professional backgrounds in television, movie and gaming animation. Aniboom investors include Evergreen VC, Draper Fisher Jurveson (DFJ) and Tamir Fishman Israel.

What Kind of Animation?

All kinds. Because Aniboom works with so many amazing people, we have every possible type of creator. This means we have talent that is capable of producing almost anything.

None Specified

History Channel
Sesame Street
Saatchi & Saatchi

Animation Production

None Specified

Short Films, Television Series, Television Specials