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   Neko Animation Studio Co.
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Profile Last Updated: 03/03/2009  

Neko Animation Studio Co.
Unit 602-B, Summit Office Tower One Bldgd
530 Shaw Blvd
Mandaluyong City, Philippines Philippines

[P] +63
[F] +63
[E] animation_madcat@yahoo.com.sg

Rafael Bonifacio
Managing Director
[F] +63 2.9158727235.(ph)

None Specified

Neko Animation Studio, Co. is a business entity registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the Phils. The company has a pool of experienced and talented Filipino artists who work as a team to be able to deliver international quality animations. We provide 2D, 3D, flash animation services specializing in feature films, TV specials, TV series, and commercial from pre production to full production services.

37 units P4 upgraded computers c/w 19" Viewsonic LCD Monitor
1 Server
1 photocopier
1 A3 size Epson scanner
1 floor mounted brand new aircon
2 wall mounted brand new aircons
50 animation and cu/ib tables with comfy swivel chairs
1 legitimate studio with happy, warm and friendly management staff and artists
lots and lots of pencils in different colours
and most important of all bottomless coffee.....

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Animation Production, Pre-Production Services

2D / Traditional, 2D Computer Animation, 3D Computer Animation, Flash / Internet Animation

Animated Characters, Commercials, Educational / Industrial Films, Feature Films, Interstitials / Logos / Bumpers, Short Films, Television Series, Television Specials