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   Aliso Creek Voice Over Workshops
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Aliso Creek Voice Over Workshops
PO Box 10006
Burbank, CA United States

[P] +1 818.954.9931
[F] None Specified
[E] voice-over@alisocreek.net

Karen Wilson


All Voice-Over Workshops are held at Aliso Creek Studios, a digital audio production facility in Burbank near Los Angeles, California, USA. It is a full service studio with 2 separate “live rooms” and control booths and state-of-the-art equipment. Capabilities include multitrack digital recording, live and MIDI music production, digital mixdown and synching of sound to video. It is a similar environment to most commercial production facilities thus giving you the opportunity to practice and learn in real-world conditions.

The performing atmosphere is relaxed and informal which helps you to build confidence and experience while working under professional conditions. You get the best of both worlds — practice under actual commercial production conditions in an environment that encourages you to try different approaches and experiment as you improve your voice-over abilities. Your performances in every class session are digitally recorded so that you can review your work and practice between sessions.

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