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   New York University Tisch School of the Arts Asia
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New York University Tisch School of the Arts Asia
721 Broadway
8th Floor
New York, NY United States

[P] +1 212.998.1918
[F] +1 212.995.4578
[E] tisch.gradadmissions@nyu.edu

Josh Murray
[P] +1 212.998.1516
[F] +1 212.994.4578
[E] josh.murray@nyu.edu

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Film and Television: The Animation and Digital Arts Curriculum
During this two-year program of study, students are immersed in a unique creative environment that helps them learn traditional forms of the art of animation and explore a sandbox of advanced techniques and digital technologies. From capturing the motion of a dancer to animating facial expressions following a human voice, students explore ways to re-create motion and to create relationships through storytelling.

The Two-Year Program of Study: Starting with traditional forms of animation arts

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