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   Animation & Design @ CBT
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Profile Last Updated: 09/28/2005  

Animation & Design @ CBT
8991 SW 107 Ave. 200
Miami, FL United States

[P] +1 305.225.5228
[F] None Specified
[E] admissions@cbt.edu

Ivet Marin
[P] +1 305.225.5228
[E] ivet@cbt.edu


College of Business & Technology was created to complement someone like you in mind.

We concern ourselves in providing programs that are in direct connection with the current job market.

High School graduates' main concern is usually what higher Institution to attend in order to earn a Diploma, Associate Degree or higher. Few of them carefully explore the courses they will need to take in order to complete their studies. Many times when comparing those courses' relation with the Real Business World, they find they are not valuable, or thorough enough. The end result is they do not feel prepared to find the job they want.

We structure our programs to accompany your goals, which will lead you to a job after graduation.

Graphic Design, Job Boards, Multimedia / Interactive Development, Schools / Educational Institutions

2D Computer Animation, 3D Computer Animation, Digital / Visual Effects, Flash / Internet Animation

Animated Characters, Animated Web Graphics, Multimedia / New Media, Websites
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