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   Animation Mentor
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Profile Last Updated: 05/08/2013  

Animation Mentor
1400 65th Street
Suite 250
Emeryville, CA United States

[P] +1 510.450.7200
[F] +1 510.450.7272
[E] admissions@animationmentor.com

Julia Campbell
Admissions Lead
[P] +1 877.326.4628


Animation Mentor is an online school focused on animation and VFX classes taught by industry professionals within the first fully-distributed production pipeline of a studio school. The programs and curriculum teach the exact skill set that film, animation, and visual effects studios seek — the ability to professionally collaborate and apply studio best practice workflows within a studio production pipeline and across multiple disciplines — and do so in a customized, affordable, and quick fashion. Students work collaboratively on an online production and leverage the full capability of the state-of-the-art, patent-pending AMP™ Studio Production Pipeline. This design replicates the current industry trend of making films within a fully-distributed pipeline. For more information, please visit www.animationmentor.com.

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3D Computer Animation, Digital / Visual Effects

Animated Characters
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