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Profile Last Updated: 08/19/2004  

45 Rumford Ave.
Waltham, MA United States

[P] +1 781.899.7300 x219
[F] None Specified
[E] coleman.smith@argosypublishing.com

Robb Kneebone
[P] +1 781.899.7300 x218
[E] rkneebone@argosypublishing.com


Argosy offers technology-based publishing solutions in the following areas: 3D modeling and animation; art creation and management; interactive content creation and multimedia development; as well as translation of print content into electronic formats, including HTML, XML, and PDF. We have a proven track record of successfully integrating the latest technologies and methods to meet our clients needs.

Animation Production, Educational Products, Film / Trade Commissions, Game Development, Graphic Design, Multimedia / Interactive Development, New Media, PR Agencies, Performance Animation / Motion Capture Studios, Post-Production Services, Pre-Production Services, Schools / Educational Institutions, Sound / Music Production, Visual Effects Production, Voice Acting / Voice Talent, Web Animation Production, Web Site Development

3D Computer Animation, Animated Objects, Digital / Visual Effects, Flash / Internet Animation

Animated Characters, Animated Web Graphics, Commercials, Educational / Industrial Films, Feature Films, Games, Interstitials / Logos / Bumpers, Multimedia / New Media, Television Specials, Title Sequences, Webisodes, Websites
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