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   Carnegie Mellon University
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Profile Last Updated: 10/27/2003  

Carnegie Mellon University
700 Technology Drive
CMU-ETC 5305
Attn: Todd Bowers
Pittsburgh, PA United States

[P] +1 412.268.5791
[F] +1 412.268.4988
[E] tbowers@cs.cmu.edu

Todd Bowers
Program Coordinator


The Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) at Carnegie Mellon University offers a two-year Masters of Entertainment Technology degree, jointly conferred by Carnegie Mellon University's College of Fine Arts and School of Computer Science. Carnegie Mellon is relatively unique among U.S. Universities in being able to offer this kind of degree, as we have both top-quality fine arts and top-quality technology programs.

The high concept behind both the Center and the Masters program is having technologists and fine artists work together on projects that produce artifacts that are intended to entertain, inform, inspire, or otherwise affect an audience/guest/player/participant. Because the larger challenge we face in authoring in new media is bringing together different disciplines, our degree program is driven by trying to do this most effectively.

The ETC does not turn artists into technologists, or vice-versa. While some students will be able to achieve mastery in both areas, it is not our intent to have our students master

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2D Computer Animation, 3D Computer Animation, Animated Objects, Digital / Visual Effects, Flash / Internet Animation, Motion Capture, Pixilation

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