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   Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts
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Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts
1409 Williams Rd.
York, PA United States

[P] +1 717.755.2300
[F] +1 800.864.7725
[E] info@bradleyacademy.net

Jeff Warner
Dept Head - Animation
[E] jeff_warner@bradleyacademy.net

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Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts, established in 1952 as York Academy of Art, is located in York, Pennsylvania. Approximately 400 students attend the school, seeking Associate of Specialized Technology and Associate of Specialized Business degrees or diplomas. Bradley Academy is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSCT), and is licensed by the State Board of Private Licensed Schools, Pennsylvania Department of Education.


At Bradley Academy, the educational objective of each program is to prepare graduates to demonstrate the competencies and work ethic required to secure an entry-level position in their chosen field. Courses stress practical, applied learning, in conjunction with hands-on instruction to prepare students for life in the real workplace.

The staff and faculty of Bradley Academy believe that it is our responsibility to:
* provide practical, hands-on career training.
* develop leadership skills and good work habits as well as technical skills.
* teach pertinent competencies and validate them constantly.
* emphasize communication literacy through writing and presentation skills.
* provide equal opportunity for success based on performance.
* provide a supportive environment.
* remember that our students and their future employers are our customers.

Academic Life

Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts offers the following programs of study:

* Animation (AST)
* Digital Arts (AST)
* Fashion Marketing (ASB)
* Graphic Design (AST)
* Interior Design (AST)
* Web Design (AST)
* Print Technology (DIPL)
* Web Technology (DIPL)

AST = Associate of Specialized Technology
ASB = Associate of Specialized Business
DIPL = Diploma

These programs are offered on a year-round basis, providing students with the opportunity to earn their degrees without interruption. Our staff of dedicated professionals strives to help students strengthen their skills and recognize their fullest potential.

Each program at Bradley Academy embraces new technology. From web design to pattern making to drafting, the computer is part of the creative process. Students in Animation, Digital Arts, Graphic Design, Interior Design and Web Design purchase laptop computers for use at school and at home. Bradley Academy

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