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   Columbia College Chicago
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Columbia College Chicago
600 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL United States

[P] +1 312.663.1600
[F] +1 312.344.8044
[E] byoung@colum.edu

Barry W. Young
Animation Program Director
[P] +1 312.344.6738
[F] +1 312.344.8044


Our 18,000 square foot animation facilities include: 2 Oxberry Filmmaker 16mm and one Oxberry Master Series 16/35mm computer controlled stand; an Acme double-pole manual animation stand; 36 individual drawing stations; 36 networked Windows 2000 workstations running Softimage/XSI, Alias/Maya, and Lightwave software; 12 Windows 2000 networked workstations running USAnimation digital ink & paint software; four Lunchbox Sync pencil-test systems; Stop Motion studio with Perception Player and Lunchbox Sync capture systems, and complete sound, film and video analog and digital editing facilities. A production fund is also available to assist in the completion of films.

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