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   California Institute of the Arts
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Profile Last Updated: 10/16/2007  

California Institute of the Arts
24700 McBean Parkway
Valencia, CA United States

[P] +1 661.255.1050
[F] +1 661.253.7824
[E] admiss@calarts.edu

Libby Hux
Admissions Counselor
[P] +1 661.253.7884
[F] +1 661.254.8352

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The School of Film/Video at CalArts is one of the nation's premier colleges for studying the art of the moving image. It is singularly devoted to filmmaking as a personal, independent art form. The School is especially unique in that it promotes the studies of all major types of filmmaking: dramatic narrative, documentary, experimental live-action, character-based animation, experimental animation, multimedia and installation.

Available in the Film/Video cage for check out is a range of field equipment including 16mm cameras, digital cameras, sound equipment, lights and grip. Sound stages with complete lighting grids are available including stages just for 3D stop-motion. Postproduction facilities include an on-line editing system and nonlinear off-line editing (AVID and Final Cut Pro). There are a number of 16mm flatbed moviolas and animation pencil test systems. To shoot final animations, there are Oxberry camera stands, motion control stands and a video camera stand for single frame capturing. Our optical printer facility is used to rephotograph images on film or to create composite images. Sound facilities are state-of-the-art including mixing theatres, a recording studio, computer-based digital editing with Pro Tools and a computerized database for sound effects. Networked computer labs include a 3D Computer Animation Lab, Mutimedia Lab and Digital Imaging/Compositing Lab.

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