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   Tecnotoon Animation University
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Tecnotoon Animation University
San Lorenzo 1009
4o. Piso,
Colonia del Valle
Mexico, Federal Distict Mexico

[P] +52
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[E] info@tecnotoonau.com

Raul Macias
[E] rmacias@tecnotoon.com




2D animation is everywhere! Character design, illustration, e-cards, web toons, logos, banner ads, television commercials and additional visual projects are all created with 2D animation. The best animated movies are in 2d. Even on the Internet your customer is more easily inspired, if they do not only see your product on a picture, but can "touch" it locally and feel it. With interactive, trick and zoom 2D plus 3D demonstrations this becomes reality.

TECNOTOON® 2d outsourcing animation services is booming due to its innumerable benefits and world wide acceptance. Mexico now is the nation that is leading the march of this growing trend due its high quality talent and very low wage rates. Many developed countries like United States of America (USA), United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany and China since many years ago, outsource their animation work to Mexico. Mexico soon will be the hub of Information and Technology Sector due its advance technology, flexible operations, high quality, and the same ideal time zone as USA.


Cost Effective: TECNOTOON® is the latest Buzz word that has hit the international animation world due its competitive prices. TECNOTOON® outsourcing market guarantees operational flexibility that ensure productivity and cut down on your input cost tremendously. You also save on the training cost by delegating your works to the skilled professionals in Mexico which also eliminates the many other hidden costs.

High Quality Brain Power: Mexico produces hundreds of software engineers and animation artists every year who are intelligent and aspirant to work. They are talented and hold expertise in their field and due their good command over the English language that produces outstanding results. Bill gates once quoted that Mexico will be soon the IT superpower.

High-End Technology: Get access to world class services and take advantage of high end methodologies and strategies. Make use of advance applications and standards to complete your projects and reduce the overall management load by outsourcing your animation work to TECNOTOON®.

Operational Flexibility: Outsourcing helps you to free your resources and reduces overhead cost be transferring the work to the highly qualified professionals in Mexico. It increases the efficiency and overall productivity and gives you a competitive edge in the market. Time-critical projects are handled by experts and proven methodologies are implemented to meet the client requirements.

Adopting outsourcing as a business strategy has given core value to many organizations and helped them achieve heights of success. It is no more a risky venture as the entire control of decision making is in your hands plus there is full transparency in financial matters.

We lay more emphasize on customer communication at pre-determined intervals through e-mail, teleconferencing and video conferencing as this ensures that the customer understands project status at all times.

With the world-class infrastructureTECNOTOON® can cater need of any Animation project, producing animated movies much faster and cheaper.

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