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   FAMU - Faculty of Film and TV
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FAMU - Faculty of Film and TV
Smetanovo Nabrezi 2
Prague, Czech Republic

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[E] k.animace@famu.cz

Jirina Balvinova

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The study at the Department of Animation is based on the idea that animated film is one of the branches of dramatic arts. In this way our department greatly differs from the majority of similar Czech branches, which are mostly parts of Faculties of Fine Arts. As a rule these schools consider the animated film like a kinetic work of art.
In connection with the newly introduced system of study and cosidering the world wide system of education it consist of two levels:

BA (3 years)
MA (2 years)

The system of education at the Department of Animation is based on the principal of choice both from the professional and theoretical point of view.

The credit system enables to students to choose the theoretical subject according to their own interests. The professional lectures are based on the assumption that animation is the basic and the most important discipline in animated film, with regarding the fact whether it is produced manually or synthetically.

Therefore its importance is stressed to the utmost both in theroetical lectures and practical excersises. Each year the student produces one or two films, which give him opportunity to express his own individuality. These films are evaluated by a comission. A positive result of the evaluation is absolutely necessary for students to be able to continue with their studies in the following year.

The knowledge of Czech language is absolutely essential for the study.
The lectures of Czech language for foreign applicants are organized by the Charles University

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2D / Traditional, Animated Objects, Cut-outs, Ink on Paper, Live Action, Paint on Glass, Pastel on Paper, Pencil on Paper, Pixilation, Puppets

Animated Characters, Multimedia / New Media, Short Films