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   The Academy of Animation and Design
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Profile Last Updated: 05/01/2011  

The Academy of Animation and Design
2968 Dundas Street West
Toronto, Ontario Canada
M6P 1Y8

[P] +1 289.290.1037
[F] +1 647.438.5929
[E] admissionoffice@academyofanimation.com

John S


Our school is a focused and practical learning institution that has a laser focus on character animation and design principles. Our curriculum covers all of the essential building blocks of the animation art form.

Working with professionals
At the Academy of Animation and Design all our instructors have worked in the animation, illustration field for eighteen years. (Disney, Staz, Nelavna, Corus Entertainment, C.O.R.E, Smiley Guy studio). They all bring a wealth of experience and working knowledge to the table. Get one on one feed back with our small class sizes.

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2D / Traditional

Animated Characters
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